fiat | ˈfēˌät, ˈfēət | - Late Middle English: from Latin, ‘let it be done’.

Boldly proclaim: God’s Will be Done.

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Fiat is a unisex tee made of premium, super soft 52% cotton, 48% polyester blended cloth and is produced in an ethical and eco-friendly process. Fiat is styled in a fashion cut; we recommend ordering one size larger than normal if you are concerned about fit.

Inspired by the Annunciation, Fiat is a way to proclaim boldly "God's Will be Done". Mary's Fiat was when she fully submitted to God's will when approached by the angel Gabriel. Let your Fiat be expressed in a renewed commitment to the Lord.

Designator: UMC-005
Note: We currently only ship within the United States.