What is HEPAC?

This is our first post under the category of Things We Love, and it is very fitting that we are talking about HEPAC in it.

HEPAC is an organization that we are very happy to help support as one of the beneficiary charities you may select at checkout, and truly believe in their mission.



Who They Are

HEPAC, or Hogar de Esperanza y Paz (Home of Hope and Peace), is a non-profit community center located in the impoverished neighborhood of Bella Vista in Nogales, Señora, Mexico, located 3 miles south from the US/Mexico border. Their mission is to create a healthy community in Nogales, Mexico where citizens do not feel that their only choice for survival is to risk their lives in the desert in an attempt to immigrate to the United States. They do this by providing many opportunities for the people in their neighborhood by offering various programs to both children and adults helping them to learn skills to improve their lives. You can visit their website at hepacnogales.org to check them out for yourself.



What They Do

HEPAC focuses on providing an safe-haven for local children, providing them food, educational lessons, and a playground to play on. They also provide education opportunities for adults in the community as well. 



Our Connection

Our founder, Joseph Malzone, visited HEPAC in December of 2017 on a mission trip, and very quickly wanted to help them with their mission through Unless. We believe in the work that they are doing, and have seen the positive impact it is making on their community. Unless is proud to be able to help support their mission and community.



Just an update on our UnlessToday blog format, it will now be changed to a monthly blog post in order to afford us more time to bring new products and ideas we are working on to you faster. We can't wait to unveil them to you in the coming weeks.