We're So Excited!

Summer has finally arrived, and with it, so have our summer releases here at Unless! Today, we are so excited to give you a quick overview at what's happened so far, and whats coming up in the next few weeks.




Earlier this month, we launched our brand new and completely redesigned website. It features a much cleaner and easier to navigate design, an integrated store so you can shop our merchandise without having to leave this site, and improved responsiveness and load times. We really hope you like it, because we absolutely love it.




This past Sunday, June 24th, our latest tee, Fiat, was released. With it, we have introduced a more refined style for our apparel. Featuring a simple, single-word piece of artwork on the front only of the tee, it breaks with our past traditions and leads us into a more modern one. 



Up Next

This weekend, we will be releasing another product, but this time its not a tee! We can't wait to show you it in just a few more days. Until then, here's a little hint: it comes in two colors.




July 9th, 2018 is our 1st birthday! It will have been one whole year since we launched to the public on that day, and in order to celebrate, we will be launching two new products on that day as well. You can actually get a pretty good peek at what those two products are, they are in the header image of this post. These are the products we are most excited about, so the other two products we have/will launch this summer all lead up to that exciting moment on our 1st birthday.



So there's a quick look at what we've been up to and what we have coming in the next couple weeks! As we keep repeating ourselves, we're just so excited to bring these things to you guys, and hope you love them as much as we do. Quick reminder that Unless Today will be continuing in a monthly format, so meet us back here next month in July for the next blog post! See ya!