Our Vision


To create positive change in the world - it's an ambitious goal, but it’s one that we strive to accomplish. We are not satisfied with how the world stands, and want to help those desperately in need as well as the Earth in the process. We are committed to creating a better world every step of the way in all that we do, and serving as a witness of love to everyone we meet. This is our vision. This is Unless.




In the spring of 2017, Joseph Malzone wanted to start a company, but not just any company - one that was grounded in Christian values and worked to help people from around the world. A friend gave him an idea, one thing lead to another, and soon enough the early building blocks of Unless Mfg. Co. began taking their shape. In July, Unless was announced to the public, and shortly after in August, our first two products launched. Within a few months, we expanded the number of charities that we work with to more effectively advance our mission - changing the world. In February 2018, we launched our Witness Love tee. It reminds us of our beginning ideals and what we want to serve as in our world - a witness of love.




Going forward, we will be bringing you even more great things, while remaining true to our promise of maintaining an ethical, humane, and environmentally friendly production process, as well as donating 35% of each sale to charity. Together, we will work to affect a great change in the world, and make everyone’s future a little brighter!




Unless Today (our new monthly blog) will help inspire and emphasize the importance of being World Changers, not just in name but in daily action. Inspire us to not just stand by and go through the motions of life content with the world as it is today. Instead, always strive to make it a better world, and make the lives of others better. We will give you behind-the-scenes looks of how at Unless we are helping to make a difference, discussing important issues facing the world and its people around the globe, giving tips on how to live a world changing life, and announcing new things happening here at Unless.